Wednesday, January 29, 2014


It looks as if temps might warm up to the over-freezing mark today, but here in central Louisiana the temps are still in the 20s.  We're starting to thaw out and traffic is starting to move.  PawPaw is off work today because the schools are closed, but Milady went in to work because patients need care.  The layer of ice covered by a layer of snow is being especially resistant to thawing.

Hopefully we've seen the last of this for awhile.  My windshield has a good coating of ice, and I'm chagrined to learn that I don't own an ice-scraper.  That's something I'll have to remedy soon.  For many years I kept an ice scraper in every car, but in recent years I've gotten out of the habit, because we haven't needed them.

Milady's vehicle is kept in the garage, so de-icing it isn't necessary, but PawPaw's ride lives in the driveway.  That's the way the pecking order works.


Rivrdog said...

You don't have it too bad. Fox News carried a briefing by the brass hats in Atlanta, which city ignored all the warnings and had to send 25000 schoo kids home on busses on icy roads. Their freeways were parking lots.

In the Western Oregon lowlands, we're not real prepared for snow, either, it can take a week for my street to get plowed, but generally we know ONE THING: stay off the farging freeways during snow or ice, unless it's snow only and the temp is 25 or below (rare!).

It's not like Atlanta didn't hae the same warning everyone else got...

Pawpaw said...

Heh, Rivrdog. Atlanta is a Dem stronghold. Warnings don't apply to them.