Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow Update

It looks like we got two or three inches of snow, and it's gotten light enough for some photography.

The dog's not sure what to make of it.  He's okay with it, but thinks it's strange.  He's right.  Snow in these parts is really strange.

Of course, folks are starting to drive, and Louisianans are totally screwed while driving in snow.  Mud or rain?  Yeah, we're good at those, but snow is outside our experience.  Just up the street from our house is a red light, and the entrance to the highway.  That highway is four or five feet higher than the parish road, so there's a slope.  Lots of folks charge up to the light, then get stuck on that little slope.  Like this guy.
See the little red light beside the bush?  Some guy is on the roadway, but his tires are spinning like crazy and he can't make that little incline.  He spun his tires through an entire cycle of the traffic light then decided to back down the hill, turn around and go home.  Don't be that guy.  Stay home till the snow melts off the roadway.
We're gonna get over this.


Goatwhiskers said...

"First it rained
Then it blew
Then it frizz
Then it snew" author unknown

Gerry N. said...

Here in the Pacific Northwet, it sometimes rains, then freezes, then snows. That is really fun to watch as people come up to stoplights at 30mph gently tap the brakes and gracefully spin in an automotive piroutte into the intersection where they stop instlantly due to the collision with a bus/truck/police car, of some combination thereof. In the Long Ago when I was working mornings like that were stay-at-home and drink coffee mornings. I amused myself by listening to the car crashes around the neighborhood and Da Missus calling my manhood into question.

Until she came home fifteen minutes after leaving. With the side of her car bashed in.

Gerry N.