Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The IRS Culture

The IRS culture must be fixed.  We all agree about that, and only Congress can do it.  The Tax Prof links to  paper looking at the problem, but I tend to agree with Instapundit.  Hanging a few of the upper echelon as an example to the others might help with the culture inside the agency, but if Congress is unwilling to do that, then zeroing out the conference budget would be a good place to start, along with the bonuses budget.  I understand that Lois Lerner, who famously plead the Fifth when refusing to testify, got over $42,000 in bonuses in '09, '10, and 2011.  There is no sense in paying civil servants bonuses to do their jobs.

If you're not willing to hang them, then slice the budget to the bone.


Old NFO said...

Agree with all!

be603 said...

Fix it? nah, Close it.

Gotta be a better way.

Papa Guy said...

ya'll get real. the IRS will never go away, along with all the other trash at the top, until the people rise up in revolt, get the guns out of the closets, and hit the streets.
It's going to have to be just like against the brits again, to get any change going in this country. Does anybody know where we can disrupt the tea shipments?