Saturday, June 29, 2013

Slipping-Off Saturday

Today is Saturday, for those of you without calendars.  Later today, Milady and I will be at a wedding, the wedding of good friend Susan.  Susan lives in Breaux Bridge, LA, a little town near Lafayette about 80 miles south of our little acre.  The wedding is informal, even casual, so coat and tie are not required, but if I know the folks from that area, we will have a rollicking good time.  Because the wedding is informal, and Susan is on a budget, PawPaw has been tasked with taking pictures.  This is my first foray as a wedding photog, and I'll snap lots of pictures and hope that some of them turn out.  In this age of digital photography, I'll use my SLR, but I'll leave the SD card with Susan.  She can edit the photos at her leisure.

After the mid-day wedding, Milady and I will probably slip off and savor some of the local flavor, and in South Louisiana, when you say flavor, there's more than the culture.  Food is always present.  The Breaux Bridge area has some especially fine restaurants, little Mom&Pop places that no one knows about.

Y'all have fun today.  Play nice and be careful.  I'll be back in time for church tomorrow.

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