Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hot Again Today

It's going to be another scorcher today, according to Accuweather.

I'm going to spend today on the back of a tractor, mowing at Momma's place.  I'll have lots of cold water in a cooler, and I'll spend lots of time in the shade.

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Papa Guy said...

Hey PawPaw,
Did you read about Remington Reimer, a graduating high school student whose microphone was shut off as he gave a valedictorian address last week when he attempted to mention the Constitution and his faith. This happened at Joshua,TX H.S. Graduation this week.
NOW,they have followed up with threats and intimidation, as principal Mick Cochran warned he may write the Naval Academy to damage this fine young Valedictorian’s reputation and ruin his career.
Some world we live in now, the New World Order My Ass.