Monday, June 24, 2013

Immigration Reform

I've been watching the Senate's kabuki theater on immigration reform.  Interesting, in a weird sort of way, but totally irrelevant to anything going on in the US today.  All the reform proponents on the one side, all the opposition on the other side.  Totally irrelevant.  Has no basis in relevancy.

It'll never make it through the House.  It won't.  It's a non-starter.  So, we've got this Gang of 8, making news headlines, and you've got Harry Reid, pushing for a floor vote, and when it gets to the House, kablooey.  Sunk like the Titanic.  Nothing happening at all.

I wonder why half of our legislative branch is heartily pursuing something that is doomed?  Have they nothing better to do?


plblark said...

It's about votes and demographics and making / allowing the Republicans to be the big bad guy to strip away a voter block.

Precision270 said...

Distraction theater to keep the populace engaged watching the right hand, while the left hand does all kinds of shenanigans.

Rivrdog said...

Don't count the GOP big-gpvernment faction on the conservative side in the House.

If House Dems and those big-government GOPes get together, they might just pull off a "compromise" (read: amnesty) Bill in the House. If ANY Immigration Bill passes the House, Immigration will come out of the Conference Committee as Amnesty, even if the House Bill had no Amnesty in it as passed.

Boehner has to keep a stiff spine on this one, or, at a future time certain, Obama-style governance is guaranteed forever in the USA.