Sunday, June 02, 2013

Stuffed Burgers

No pictures, because I was busy, but today I cooked something I've wanted to try for a long time.  Stuffed burgers.  It's fairly easy.  And they're damned good. Best burger I've eaten for a long time.

This morning I trotted down to the grocers and bought some good ground chuck.  About 5 lbs.  I mixed some good Cajun seasoning into the meat, then divided into ten equal balls, for about a half-pound burger.  Stuck my thumb in the ball of meat, then filled that hole with grated Colby Jack cheese.  Then rolled the hole closed, and patted out the patties.  Big ole, oversized burgers.

Cooked them on the charcoal grill, just like every other burger I've ever cooked.  Served them with the usual accouterments.  I didn't feel like worrying with french fries, and they deserved better than potato chips, so I boiled some little ears of corn on the cob, with butter and crab boil added to the mix.  Burgers and corn on the cob.  That was lunch.


Stephen said...

Great time yell, and I'll drive like hell. I'll bring the iced tea.

USCitizen said...

Sounds like some good burgers!

Dave O. said...

Just a little jealous over your lunch. I think I need to throw some of those on the grill.

Rivrdog said...

Great idea! I would have used a cheese which would have stood out from the cajun spice, though. Maybe a sharp WI cheddar or even a bleu. I also would have mixed in some dried, chopped onions, which grab the meat juice and hold it during grilling.

Oops! I just gave away the secret of Rivrdog Burgers!