Saturday, June 15, 2013

In Service

We put that Colt Pocket Positive into service today.  Milady and I went to the local indoor range to let her shoot it and to try out the Buffalo Bore ammunition in it.

We started with some of Federal's anemic target loads and let her get used to the trigger.  It shot high with those target loads, easily explainable due to the slow speed of the bullet and the dwell time of the bullet traversing the barrel during recoil.  After a box-and-a-half of those target loads we switched over to the Buffalo Bore loads and let her try those.  Much better.  Those 100 grain hard wadcutters were much more accurate in the Colt, easily letting her keep them in the nine-ring at five (5) yards.

Milady remarked that those Buffalo Bore self-defense loads had milder recoil than the loads we normally carry in the Airweight that she's been using.  She liked the Colt.  That small frame fits her hand better, the recoil is more controllable than heavier firearms she's tried, and she's accurate with it.  I"m happy that we found a revolver that fits her and that she can shoot without worrying with excessive recoil.  I'm also happy that Buffalo Bore has started putting out serious HD ammo for that caliber.

I'm also thrilled that I got to spend an hour with my lady at the range.

We went to lunch later and we had a great BLT sandwich at a local eatery.  All in all, a great Saturday afternoon.

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This is just full of awesome.