Thursday, June 20, 2013


To borrow a play on words from Mostly Cajun, it's time for me to talk about Syria.  Lots of folks are wondering what PawPaw thinks about the Syria crisis, so I'll tell you.  I don't give a screaming crap who runs Syria, whether it's the Sunnis or the Shiites, or Bashaad, or whoever.  I'm not planning any trip to Syria, so I simply don't care.  The civil war over there seems to be one group of murdering bastards killing another group of murdering bastards.  The only up-side to the whole thing is that at the end of the day, the total pool of murdering bastards has been reduced.

I hear that our President is looking for a way to intrude on their internal strife, because he feels a need to "do something".  The latest ploy is arming the rebels, who I'm sure will stop clinging to the guns and religion as soon as they win.  Sure they will.

Syriasly, I don't see that it should matter to the US one whit who wins in Syria.  The best we can hope for is that it follows the example of Egypt, an economy set to melt down in the next year or so.  Egypt can't feed itself, it produces nothing, and when Ethiopa finishes it's dam, Egypt won't have enough water to support it's population.  Egypt is in a hell of a fix, and Syria is set to follow them.  Starvation and dehydration lie in the future.  It's nor pretty, but it's not difficult to foretell.

We should stay the hell out of Syria.  Nothing but trouble over there, and it's not worth American treasure or American lives.

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Gerry N. said...


The only thing is the Mooslime in Cheef has got to "Do Something" to keep his creds with his Ass In The Air and Nationalsocialistiche Amerikaner Demokratiche Partei base happy. All that's important to the pResident.