Friday, July 06, 2007

Wet, Wet, Wet

It's raining outside and has been raining all day long. While it's not as strong as they've been getting in north Texas, it keeps the ponds full and the kids inside. When you've got four grandkids hammering their way through a toy box inside that isn't a sound that PawPaws love. Grandmas love it, but PawPaws just sit near the computer and grumble.

It's rained every day this month. June was one of the wettest on record. North Louisiana is getting its share of rain. I took advantage of a three hour sunshine period yesterday and mowed the grass in the front yard. It was either that, or hire a hay-baler next week.

And, at noon, I'm still in my pajamas, which for me, is decadence overwrought. Nothing to do today but watch the steady, unrelenting drizzle. I do have some .30-06 brass that needs depriming and sizing. I might put on bluejeans and go into the garage. Or, I might just keep my pajamas and watch a movie.

Grandma took the kids to see a movie. They'll be back about noon, when the mommas are scheduled to pick up kids. Grandma works tonight, so PawPaw will be without adult supervision.

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