Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rainy Monday

Whaddya do when it's a rainy Monday afternoon and you're tasked with entertaining two young boys?

That's simple, start puttering on the bench. In a few minutes, they'll come and ask to help.

That's the elder one helping me by flaring brass for .45 ACP reloads. His younger brother helped by decapping 50 rounds. When you're doing batch processing, it helps to have a couple of young'uns doing mindless chores. They're not ready yet for capping or charging or seating bullets, but the time will come... the time will come. In the meantime, they're learning to operate the press under adult supervision. Afterwards, a supper of chili dogs, some day old birthday cake, and I sent them home all sugared up.

I'm sure their Momma appreciates it.


martywd said...

I wish I'd had a PawPaw that had introduced me to skills like that.

Nice goin' PawPaw!

Stephen Malone said...

Dadgummet, I want one of those chili dogs too. Isn't that Lee's cast press?
Fine looking grandson.

Flintlock TOm said...

I only hope that I can be as considerate as a "Grampa" as you obviously are.
My number two son just got married, I may get to find out soon.

Hobie said...

Helped Grandpa load ammo AND got sugared up, why that's a heck of a great day. You're the coolest Grandpa out there!