Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Shopping our butts off

We left Waco this morning, heading for San Antonio. Roughly 150 miles. With the Interstate highway system, that is roughly a two hour trip. Rolling with the Texas traffic, more like an hour and a half.

We got to New Braunfels and decided to eat lunch. Milady and Ms. Pat picked up a brochure and learned that New Braunfels has antiques. Lots of antiques. We hit the antique alley, which is roughly a block off the town square. Milday picked up a really nice marble-top occasional table for the living room. It wouldn't fit comfortably in the car, so we took it to FedEx. We have the marble top in the car and the rest of the table has been entrusted to the FedEx system.

From there, we left New Braunfels, 30 miles from San Antonio and Ms. Pat hollered Cedar Garden. Some sort of pottery and hobby store, ensconsed in what lookes like two large hangar-type buildings. So we backtracked and went in there.

It's 5:30, and we're in a hotel in San Antonio. No pictures today, but I have some from yesterday.

This one is Mayor Jerome Scott and the lovely Ms. Patricia in the Armstrong-Browning library on the Baylor University campus.

We're going to chill out for a little while and go see the sights in San Antonio.

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