Tuesday, July 04, 2006


So far, we've had a dry spring and summer. More Glowball warming, I suspect. The dirt in my backyard is cracking from the lack of moisture. Yesterday changed all that, and the NOAA is predicting rain again today. Fine. If you complain about rain in Louisiana, you need to get a life. It rains in Louisiana. Not necessarily when you'd like it to, not necessarily when you need it to, but it is gonna rain. Get ready for that. We normally get a dry spell in late August/early September that allows the farmers to get crops in. We also normally get a hurricane in late August/early September, so the farmers should plan around that too.

This is the first time I have lived in a subdivision in over 30 years. Last week I walked outside and counted six different sprinklers working in plain view of my driveway. Disgusting. Watering grass in Louisiana has always seemed to me the height of stupidity. In my unwatered yard, you will see two things in plain view. The first is grass. The second is a burn pile. Things that need burning get thrown on the pile. Scrap lumber goes there, as does scap foliage. That little tree that didn't make it in the drought? Throw it on the burn pile. The limbs that fall off the pine trees? Drag them to the burn pile.

When I plant a vegetable garden, it gets watered. Tomatoes need water. If I plant a tree I'll go out and water it for a couple of days to get it established. But grass? Hah! It can grow or die as it chooses. I've never noticed a shortage either way.


Mushy said...

Sounds like we have a yard in common - I don't water it and I have a burn pile too.

My son waters and fertilizes - gets that from coaching baseball and working on the field, but me, I think it's counter productive to water or feed GRASS.

I get a few extra days off during the summer when it's dry, so I don't worry about it. God will water it if it needs it!

j said...

You could probably triple the living standards of 1,000 Chinamen on the money spent by the average 100 residents of Pineville on making their grass pretty