Friday, July 14, 2006


I just noticed the Fox News banner. No story yet, but the banner says:
Hezbollah Chief Declares 'Open War' With Israel
From my reading of the news, the Israeli Air Force just turned his offices into a construction salvage zone. The pieces are still raining from the sky.

Is this guy a lunatic? The Jews are systematically pounding his organization and much of the country back to the Stone Age. He's scrurrying from place to place like a hunted rat, while Predator drones (or whatever the IDF uses) look for him. Every time he stops to catch his breath, someone paints his back with a laser and another missile comes whistling in. The guy is walking around like a moving boresight panel.

Of course, you have to wonder what reporter had the chutzpah to stand close enough to him to take his statement? That guy can't be real bright either.

Were I a reporter in Lebanon right now, the one question I would want him to answer is "What the hell were you thinking?"


308Mike said...

Mark my words: If that reporter is close enough to the chief that he gets killed along with the chief by an IDF missile, the media will condemn Israel for overkill - they did it purposely to silence the reporter for his support for the Palestinians. They'll whine and cry saying he was a brave reporter who risked his life to bring people the truth - not recognizing what an idiot he was for hanging out with such an obvious target for IDF ordnance.

I mean, what NORMAL intelligent human would knowingly be with a moving target with IDF planes overhead?

we saw that... said...

video: Fox crew shot at in Israel

308Mike said...

After revealing detailed information about the movement of Israeli troops, a Fox News crew has been shot at on live television.

LOL - serves them right!

Rivrdog said...

Iran is going to get involved to the point that Israel will provoke them into attacking the US or international shipping in the Straits of Hormuz.

That's OK by me, since our Navy can take care of business there (see my recent blog post).

What is going to be hard for Israel is soaking up the increasing number of artillery rockets. It appears now that a rather sophisticated Chinese rocket, actually a guided missile, called the Model 802 or somesuch, is raining down on Haifa. This missile is much more accurate than than a Katusha, and a barrage of them hit the Haifa train station at rush hour.

The IDF believes that Iran is supplying advisors to Hizbullah to shoot these missiles, and it is being forced to deploy Patriot missiles to intercept them. Unfortunately, that is a zero-sum game, since there are far more 802s than Patriots in the theater of war.

Intell reports say that Hizbullah may have up to 200 of these missiles. Iran may get buoyed by their missile prowess and try to use Silkworms at Hormuz.

Then we have them, as that will be considered an act of general war. We have the air assets, both Navy and USAF, to flatten Iran now without nukes. With the IDF in there pitching also, Iran will be gone in a month.

The entire Mideast could be wrapped up and quiet by November.

Guess who is most worried about THAT prospect: (hint, it ain't Iran's stinky leader) it's Howard Dean and the (D)onk party.