Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Nuevo Laredo

I learned some interesting things today. One is that Blogger evidently allows only two photos per post. I can work around that.

Here is something else I learned. Honda sells different motorcycles in Mexico than it does in the US.

This is the Honda Cargo, (CG125) a neat little runabout that the Mexicans use as a delivery vehicle. It works great for small deliveries. I also learned that Burger King makes deliveries in Nuevo Laredo. That is a great idea they should export to the United States.

Milady loves shopping, which comes as no surprise to anyone.

Here she is surrounded by costume jewelry. She didn't make any purchases at this shop, but did buy a very unique ring at a jewelry shop down the street. Jewelry is sold by the gram across the border. When asked a price, the jeweler would weigh the piece and do a little figuring on a calculator. That was the starting price. The haggling began and a price was negotiated. Milady saved considerably on her purchases.

I bought a couple of belts made of sturdy harness leather. When I asked about the price, the girl told me that they were $10.00 a piece.

Then I asked, "What if I buy two?"

"Eight dollars apiece."

"Suppose I buy three?"

"Seven dollars apiece."

I enjoyed Mexico, but I am still wondering why it seemed that the only Gringos in Nuevo Laredo were in our party.

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Old Dad said...

You can do more than two. I found that sometimes you have to create a new post and put the pic into it. Copy the code it generates into the main one you want it in.

I hope that makes sense