Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hezbollah starts war.

While I was drinking beer with Bill today, Israel went into Lebanon following a raid by Hezbollah that killed and captured Israeli soldiers. Israel naturally considers a raid by Hezbollah an act of war, and they have begun playing whack-a-jihadi as only the Israelis can.

Yet, in coverage after coverage, the headline is inevitably that Israel hits Lebanon. Or Israel Army enters into Lebanon. The mention that Hezbollah started this by entering into Israel is always buried down in the text.

Here's the story I'd like to see:
Hezbollah committed an act of war against Israel today, launching a border incursion that killed Israeli soldiers and kidnapped two soldiers not killed in the initial raid. Israeli forces retaliated, bombing bridges, strafing roads, and destroying infrastucture. Israeli spokesmen said that if the two captured soldiers aren't immediately returned, along with the criminals who captured them and the officers responsible for issuing the orders, Israel would immediately begin a coordinated land and air campaign determined to punish the Lebanese government.
It seems that when the Israelis respond to border raids, kidnapping, and indiscriminate killing of Israeli citizens, they are vilified in the world press. That's wrong. The story isn't that the Jews are responding to provocation. The story is that terrorists are still invading Israel.


j said...

It's going to be interesting to see what happens when no toilet in Gaza or Lebanon has flushed in many days.

Nick said...

We could be witnessing the beginning of WWIII and it's time for us to stop giving money to organizations and gov'ts like Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and OPEC.

In other news, what kind of beer were ya'll drinking?

Pawpaw said...

Nick. We sampled some Dos Equis and some Abita. He had never tried Abita and I last time I was at the store I bought some Abita Amber. Pretty good beer with a slight malt taste. Bill thought it was amuzing.

Nick said...

I find that Abita makes damn good beer, except for that Purple Haze junk. I've never been a fan of Mexican beers. Any beer that needs a lime to taste good is not a good beer IMHO. One of my buddies bought me a beer brewing kit for my wedding, so I've been fooling with that, and I must say, I brew a pretty good and potent beer.