Tuesday, July 18, 2006

San Antonio

We started a quick tour of San Antonio this afternoon.

If you're going to go to San Antonio, you have to stop by the Alamo. True heroism here, on both sides of the wall. Most folks think that Santa Anna assaulted the front of the Alamo. T'aint so. That front wall was located inside a large courtyard. Where PawPaw and Milady are standing was inside that court.

The other place every visitor to San Antonio needs to go is the Riverwalk. Located downtown, just blocks from the Alamo, the riverwalk is an eclectic blend of shops and restaurants and nightclubs. It's below street level, so it is eight to ten degrees cooler than the streets.

Tomorrow, we're going to piddle around San Antonio for a while, then head southwest, to Laredo.


Pondering American said...

If you have time I suggest you go to the Catholic Cathedral in San Antonio. It is of interert because they have the ashes of Crocket, Travis, and Bowie in a sort of a coffin like container. in the back. At least they did the time I was there,

"The Battle of the Alamo in 1836 began after Mexican General Santa Ana raised the flag of "no quarter" from the tower of the church. In the back of the cathedral today there is a sarcophagus or marble coffin on which is inscribed a notice that the remains of the defenders of the Alamo are buried there. Colonel Juan Seguin, who took control of San Antonio after Texas won independence, was purported to have buried the remains under the sanctuary railing of the old church. In 1936, during renovation work, a box of charred bones, nails, and shreds of uniforms was unearthed at that spot. Historians have argued since then about the validity of the claim, but the marble coffin with the remains has been visited by thousands of people since that time."

Rivrdog said...

While you're there, you have to visit at least one decent gun shop.

Make it Dury's, at 819 Hot Wells St.
210-533-5431 See John Kershaw there, and ask him to show you a Dury's Custom rifle, made on a Remington 700 Police. The one on his website, in .300 WSM, looks fantastic.

Tell "A.J." howdy from me, George. I just bought one of his ex-SAPD Glock 22's at auction, and he sounds like someone it would be intersting to meet.

Mushy said...

The old place hasn't changed a bit since I stood right there in 1964. Wish I'd age as well.