Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Raggedy-assed missile

I see where North Korea's missile, the Tay-Pong-Dong2 failed miserably after launch.

According to my sources, it failed 35 seconds into the flight and fell harmlessly into the Sea of Japan. Then they launched a half-dozen Scuds, which also fell harmlessly into the Sea of Japan.

My best guess is that in North Korea right now, there is at least one rocket scientist who will be tried and executed tomorrow. He's the guy in charge of the launch and he just made Kim Il-Jong look even more like a monkey than he did this morning. Lil Kim doesn't take well to derisive laughter and the whole world is laughing at him right now. That rocket scientist is in some serious shit.

In other news, my neighbors are shooting off rockets which might land in the pond behind the house. It's been raining all day, so the only particular danger is if I go outside and look up. I might get ashes in my eye.

Lil Kim would have done better to buy his rockets at the fireworks stand down the road. The colors are prettier.

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j said...

Hey!!! Let's not compare Kim the nut in North Korea to Lil Kim the drop-dead gorgeous rap star!