Tuesday, July 25, 2006

First wall

I got the first wall standing up today. I framed it on sawhorses and Milady came out to help me stand it up. I have it braced three ways, so it ought to be there when I get back to it. With the outside temperature at 88 degrees with 100% humidity, and sun on the slab it felt a whole lot hotter. However, I now have studs standing up and I can see some progress.

I called Home Depot yesterday when I was pricing lumber and went through the whole call center aggravation before I was finally connected to someone in the lumber department. When you are buying dimensioned lumber, you ask for it in a basic number format. A standard board, probably the most common board in the world is the 2x4 (two-by four). They come in varying lengths (studs, eight, ten and twelve feet are common lengths). If you are looking for a 2x4x8, you ask for a two by four by eight. The lumber man should know what you are asking for. The conversation went something like this.

Him: "Lumber Department, can I help you?"

Me: "Yeah, I'm looking for some lumber. What are y'all getting for 2x4 studs?

Him: "I don't know, let me look....." ... ... "$2.43."

Me: "Okay, good. How about 2x4x8?"

Him "Hang on"... .... .... .... "Uuuh, I don't see them in the computer."

Me: "Are you telling me you don't have any two by fours?... Y'all are running a lumber yard down there, aren't you?"

Him: "I'm sure we have some, mister, but I can't give you a price on them."

Me: "You just lost a sale, buddy. Go tell your manager that whoever is entering prices in that computer is a dumbass."

Him: "Yessir. You have a nice day."

I bought my lumber at Martin Building Materials, a local store. A person answers the phone there, and although she has to transfer your call, the people at the sales desk know the prices of lumber back in the lumber yard. They also have workers in the lumber yard that will load your truck. The best part was that their prices for dimensioned lumber were cheaper than the national chains. They don't have a webpage, or I would have given them a link.

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Standard Mischief said...

well, at least he was politely useless.