Monday, July 03, 2006

Fisking Cindy

Mother Sheehan herself had written us a piece for the 4th of July. No links from me, because.... I don't want to link to her. It's over on Michael Moore's site, which also gets no links from me.

It is highly readable, especially if you've been in the bourbon and are feeling especially mellow. I read it through and started to fisk it, but realized that I was reading the talking points of the left side, so I started counting them instead. The underlines are mine to help me keep count.
The star-spangled banner, which I can now see whipping in the wind outside of an airport terminal where I am writing this from does not fill me with pride: it fills me with shame and that flag symbolizes sorrow and corruption to me right now. The flag represents so much lying, fixed elections, profiting by the war machine, high gas prices, spying on Americans, rapid erosion of our freedoms while BushCo literally gets away with murder, torture and extreme rendition, contaminating the world with depleted uranium, and illegal and immoral wars that are responsible for killing so many. A symbol which used to represent hope to so many around the world now fills so many with disgust.
By my count that is seventeen talking points in a paragraph with two sentences. The first sentence contains ninety-six words, by my rapid, bourbon soaked counting. My count may not be accurate, but it is certainly representative.

Cindy's writing sucks.

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j said...

Cindy's writing not only sucks, Cindy is what the KGB used to call a "useful idiot." She's one of Osama's most useful idiots.