Sunday, July 23, 2006

One more time

for those of you who aren't paying attention.

1. We are in a War on Terror.
2. Hizbollah is a terrorist organization based in Southern Lebanon.
3. Hizbollah started this latest wave of violence by raiding Israel and capturing soldiers.
4. Israel responded by bombing bridges, roads and airfields to prevent the captured soldiers from being moved.
5. Lebanon is unwilling/unable to contain Hizbollah. As such, they are a terrorist state. (You're either with us, or against us.)
6. Hizbollah hides behind civilians. Hizbollah knows that the international organizations find civilian casualties repulsive. Hizbollah doesn't care. Hizbollah wants to use civilians as shields.
7. Israel dropped leaflets warning civilians to get out. Hizbollah stopped the civilians from leaving.
8. Hizbollah is to blame for all the civilian deaths in the region. All of them.
9. UN resolutions mean nothing. The UN is worthless as tits on a boar hog.
10. Israel is an ally of the United States in the War on Terror. If they are killing terrorists, that is a good thing. If some civilians get whacked along the way, they were warned. See #6, 7, and 8, above.

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