Saturday, July 08, 2006

Magnolia Dance Club

40-some-odd years ago, some Alexandria residents were concerned about the lack of places to go dancing. They formed the Magnolia Dance Club, a private group of people who meet once a month to dance. The club is getting older and a decision was recently made to get some new members. Milady and I were asked to attend and we have done so. These old geezers are a hoot!

One of the rules is that any lady can ask any man to dance. The only face-saving way to decline is if you don't know the dance. (I, for example, can't waltz, and decline when waltzes are played.) The dances are from 7:00 pm till 10:00 pm, and when I say 10:00, I don't mean 10:05. They pull the plug at 10:00.

Someone is tagged to host it and folks bring light munchies. Tonite, Milday concocted a salmon dip and a spinach dip. She is putting on the dog for this party. I normally don't see the salmon dip unless someone is graduating or getting married. It is magnificent. Give me a roll of Ritz crackers and a tub of salmon dip and I won't bother anyone for a couple of hours.

The theme for this meeting is USA, and everyone is tasked to wear something patriotic. The host is providing a fireworks display after the dancing.

One of the elder members shows up on a walker. His wife likes to dance and they attend each session. He dances the slow ones, but jitterbugging is out. We invited Milady's Mother as a guest for this evening, but she called to say she had to decline. She had been out in the yard digging ditches and was simply too tired to dance this evening.

Digging ditches?

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