Friday, July 14, 2006

Sheriff Joe

In other news, an Hispanic group marched to the offices of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, of Maricopa County, AZ to ask him not to enforce the smuggling law.
"We have come here, we have begged, we have gotten on our knees," Bermudez said. "You have not worked with us. The only thing we can tell you is you cannot be our sheriff. You are pursuing something that goes against the Hispanic community, and we as the Hispanic community will do our most to have you removed from public office, and we will do it through the polls."
Bermudez is with some Hispanic group called Immigrants without Borders. My question to him is how can anyone immigrate without a border? How will you know when you get where you're going? You can migrate without worrying about borders... geese do it all the time. But the geese are always moving. North, south, back and forth. I digress.

Anyway, Sheriff Joe listened politely, then walked back to his office. Asking Sheriff Joe to not enforce the law is like asking Bill Clinton to not molest interns. It ain't gonna happen.
"I am going to enforce the law," Arpaio told protesters Friday. "You cannot change my mind."
Which is what he is sworn to do.

One protestor reverted to name-calling.
Another man, Cliff Clifton, shouted at Arpaio, calling him a "Nazi thug" and a "scumbag piece of garbage," to which Arpaio said, "Is that all you can say?"
Calling the Sheriff a nazi is not the brightest thing a protester can do. I'm sure Sheriff Joe handled himself like a gentleman. I wish we could say the same for the protestors.


j said...

If I were Cliff Clifton, I'd move to another county--fast!

MorningGlory said...

How can the Immigrants Without Borders vote him out? Since they're not citizens, they don't vote. Or do they? I know here, anyone can register to vote. You will not be asked for proof of anything ... citizenship, age, residency in the district ... just fill out the form and get your voter registration.

Serr8d said...

I'm a strong supporter of Joe. We should clone him...

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