Monday, July 08, 2024

Beryl Ashore

 Beryl coma ashore southwest of Houston, TX this morning as a Cat 1 hurricane.  Not a particularly big storm, as hurricanes go.  It is probably a tropical storm as I type this and will quickly downgrade as it passes over land.

For those who have never been in the path of a hurricane, it is hard to imagine how large these storms are.  I went to Google maps and measured a straight line distance.  The eye of Beryl is currently 285 miles from us in central Louisiana but it is affecting our weather here this morning.  As the storm moves north today, we will get a little rain, but we're not expecting much wind.

By tomorrow, tis thing will be a remnant, dumping rain on the Midwest.

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KurtP said...

Seguin, TX- about 30 mi. east of San Antonio on I-10 has some kind of rain dome over it.
It can be pouring rain heading W from Houston, and about Luling- it'll take a right and head towards the Hill Country west od Austin.
If it's heading E. towards SA, it'll follow I-35 to Austin.

We didn't even get a cloud from that storm.