Wednesday, June 12, 2024

What's Next?

 After the intriguing verdict yesterday, we're left with some questions.  What next?  Well, sentencing will be in about 120 days, and I don't look for Hunter to go to jail.  He's a first offender and this was a non-violent crime. No one got hurt.

What we did learn is that the "laptop from hell" is a real thing.  The FBI has it and it was entered into evidence We also know that Hunter has another trial on the calendar, this one dealing with tax charges. That is supposed to start in September, square in the middle of the election season, and these tax charges may fall closer to Joe than any campaign would like. I look for Hunter to try and cop a plea, which only makes sense.  The FBI has the laptop and tax cases tend to grow tentacles.

This may get very interesting indeed.


Anonymous said...

Well, 1st time offender but this is a Federal offense, one that clearly has the consequences spelled on on Form 4473 adjacent to the question. More obvious than a Florida ballot hanging chad. If it were you and I, at least minimal jail time would likely be levied on us.

Will Joe pardon him AFTER the election ? I think moreso than not, his old age and sentimentality will be the explanation of breaking his word by MSM.

Old NFO said...

This one had 'no' way to connect back to the big guy, so that's why it went through. I agree, the next one will 'disappear' either through a plea bargain, or???

Termite said...

Pres Biden could also commute Hunter's sentence to "that amount already served", and he would not have lied.

Anonymous said...

This is to "validate" President Trump's court case & conviction.

See, See, we haven't protected Hunter Biden, so you can't claim there are two levels of justice and we're only going after Trump.