Wednesday, June 19, 2024

I've Been THinking

 I've been thinking, and drinking whiskey, and those two things lead to some interesting conclusions.

This whole migrant thing is distressing, and before we can deport all the illegals (and there is huge support for that), we have to stanch the flow coming north..  Once the administration changes in January, the President should tell whoever is running Mexico to stop the flow, or we will.  Give then a reasonable period, like 14 days, then start making leaflet drops along the Rio Grande. Tell the residents there to head south and do not cooperate with the cartels.  We're only targeting the cartels.

The idea is to use the Israeli model, and I note that the 1st Cav and the 3rd ACR are twiddling their thumbs at Fort Cavasos.  It's just a road march down to Eagle Pass.  We can't use then against Americans, but we can use them against foreign nationals.  Ask the Afghans about that.  Or, the Iraqis.

Of course, if the Mexican government wants to clean up their act, so much the better.  If they don't, well, the 1sr Armored Division is at Fort Bliss, and maybe they would like to play.

The plan is a little rough, and could use some fleshing-out.  The Army has some assets that I probably didn't use when I was playing 30 years ago, so they might have better ideas, but planning operations was one of my fortes, back in the day.


Anonymous said...

If you look into it, the numbers have already slowed, in large part due to Mexico slowing the flow.

Anonymous said...

Screw it. Just close the borders and shoot anyone who tries to cross north. No planes no ships either. Gosh we won’t have any avocados. Oh the humanity. Meanwhile we deport them by the millions. All of them, from anywhere, gets shipped to southern Mexico and left there. Not our problem.

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

The buzz on the 'net is that immigrants "forget" what country they are from and lose their passports.

That is really not a problem. Venezuela is in desperate need of hard currency. I bet we could negotiate a stunning deal on a per-nose basis. Plane tickets are cheap. We fly them to Venezuela and they stay there until their court date. The Venezuelan government gets a per-diem fee for every day they can prove they have custody of said immigrants.

I am flexible on this. If the immigrant can prove that they are working and a net-gain for the economy, then I am in favor of keeping them Stateside. But if they are sucking resources and not contributing, they can do that from Venezuela.

Anonymous said...

buzzng a drug lord's compound with a couple of A-10 Warthogs should send a clear message. STOP YOUR SHENANIGANS OR HILARITY WILL FOLLOW.

Or maybe dropping one of those 'sword bomb thingies' on a parked limousine would have the same effect. It was how Al Qaida - ISIS began to slow their aggressive behavior. Must have been nerve wracking to see an overhead shadow and duck for cover.

Perhaps a bit more diplomacy. Insisting on helping Mexico deal with their cartel problem could help their economy and slow the flow of Mexican aliens coming to our country.

juvat said...

I can’t disagree with the idea. Unfortunately,I doubt the commander in chief (properly capitalized) would issue the order. One more reason to vote for someone else.

Javahead said...

The devil take "sending the drug lords a message" - after whatever (short) grace period we give Mexico to deal with this problem, if we're forced to take action every identified property of the drug cartels should be targeted for immediate destruction.

And yes, after the warning "the border is closed" is issued, immediate deadly force should be used against any identified border crosser. Any survivors that make it to US soil should be arrested, given first aid, and deported to their country of origin. Though the "Venezuala as a holding camp" idea has its charms, too.

On the other hand, the "Dreamers" are a real problem - if brought here as children (true children, not on their own!), and if they are productive additions to our society (self-supporting, no criminal record), yes, give them a path towards legalization.

As President Trump offered to support in exchange for funding of the wall, and had it immediately rejected by the Dems. The thing is, the Dems have had a total of 11.5 years so far with a Dem president (Obama or Biden), half of that with a Dem Congressional majority, to do just that. They don't *want* a solution to the issue - they want to be able to wave the bloody shirt during elections, not actually *do* something.

Dave said...

See also, Army Strategical Plan GREEN-2, circa 1940. (Late update to WP GREEN before WWII, and then the end of the 'Color' plans.