Friday, June 21, 2024

Our Digital World

I love this series of videos.  Frank is a traffic cop out of Pinal County, AZ.  In the first couple of interactions, he talks about our digital world, and the fact that we can store critical ID paperwork on our digital devices.  And, the confusion it creates in law enforcement.

This technology was becoming more commonplace when I retired in 2019 and it drove me crazy.  At the time, Louisiana Law required printed copies of your vehicle registration and insurance certificate.  And, of course, a physical drivers license. In your hand, to present to the cop at a traffic stop.

I understand that it is very convenient to have your ID on your phone, but what if your girlfriend is driving the car?  Does she have proof of insurance?

There are broader, 4th Amendment concerns.  Is it wise to hand your device to a cop?  When you hand your devise to a cop, I could argue that you have given him permission to look in the device.  Is that a good idea?

There a re lots of questions about our digital world, and some of them are best answered by having paper copies of license, registration, and insurance.  I'm just saying.


Judy said...

Storing any important information on a digital device is asking for trouble, whether or not you hand it to an authority figure or if it is lost or stolen. And isn't that why automakers put glove boxes in vehicles?

Interesting note: The State of Kansas provides a brown envelope to put your registration in. I was surprised when Arizona didn't. So I keep using my Kansas envelope..

BobF said...

Yep. We're paper only. One thing I did though was to scan the car registration, reduce by 40%, and carry the registration in our wallets with the DL rather than leaving the registration in the car.

Anonymous said...

When you register your car in Ohio, you get 2 copies.
One is for your car. It purposely does NOT have your home address on it.
The second is a backup copy for home. It DOES have your home address on it.

Anonymous said...

No reason that your inspection sticker doesn’t have a barcode so a cop can scan it and get all the data. No need for paper IF the data picture resembles the driver. And no more fines for “driving without a license “ just because you left wallet at home.

This is the 2nd decade of the 21st Century; get with the program already.


Robert said...

Just microchip us like dogs and cats. Or maybe not.