Friday, June 14, 2024

Smash Taters

No, not mashed potatoes, smash taters  These came about in Cajun country after a big crawfish boil. When you have leftover red potatoes and need to use them.  At a crawfish boil, those little red potatoes get boiled in the crab boil and seasonings, and pick up a unique flavor. 


In a pot, boil your red potatoes in heavily flavored water, using some sort of crab boil or seasoning.  Take them out of the water and cool them on a cookie sheet.  Then, take a drinking glass or coffee cup and smash them.  Get creative.  Top with smoked paprika, garlic powder, parmesan cheese,  whatever your heart desires and your taste buds crave.  Then run them into a 375 oven for about a half hour.

Serve as a side dish with fried fish, or fried chicken, or whatever your main protein is for the meal.

Belle said that today, I kind of "stubbed my toe" on the seasoning, which means they were a little hot, but I didn't notice her culling them.


Birdchaser said...

We have those often around here. Kids make their own, lots of bacon, cheese, green onions & a little sour cream. Kinda like smashed twice baked potatoes.

Anonymous said...

What do you use as a crab boil? Old Bay doesn’t taste right to me since they changed the recipe years ago. Zatarains? Do you add beer or vinegar to the boiling water?


Anonymous said...

An interesting concept; I've never heard of these before.

Old NFO said...

Zatarains is what I use to boil them.