Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Turn Indicators

 My '01 F150 still starts and runs.  With almost a quarter-million miles, it has proven to be fairly reliable. I run a Honda Odyssey as my daily driver, but the truck it there if I need a truck. the old Ford fits the bill.  Recently I was driving it, and noticed that the left turn indicator wasn't working.   Reflecting on the last time I had to change bulbs, those might be factory bulbs in the truck.

This morning, I went out to diagnose the problem and learned that the problem was the front left bulb. Tinkering with things in the cab, running carious lights and looking at the rest of the bulbs on the truck, I noticed that the turn indicator seemed to be working. Odd.  I ran some more tests, walked around the truck ooking at lights, and for some reason that turn indicator seems to be working.

Or, I might have an intermittent problem, which drives mechanics and electricians crazy. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to go ahead and change that bulb, and give the bulb socket a little TLC while I have it apart. 


markshere2 said...

Dont forget to check the grounds at the front and rear lights.

It's easy to ASSume those are good.

Old NFO said...

Mark is right, also, put on nitrile gloves to handle the bulbs. Oils from your skin will cause problems with connectivity after a while.

Anonymous said...

Check the blinker fluid!
Mine's always short, I think there's a leak in it.