Friday, April 26, 2024


 It's rodeo season and our church is big on rodeo. For myself, I know very little about the various games, but the big rule seems to be Don't Fall Off.  In these parts, rodeo is a money-maker and the concession stand is a busy place.  I'll be in the cook shack this evening, cooking burgers and sausage and french fries.

Tomorrow morning is our regularly scheduled club match, and of course, I'll be doing that, then back to the church for the second night of rodeo.

It's going to be a hoot.

I see that as the protests riots continue on campuses, the faculty is being arrested. Call the philosophy department is her battle cray. I would like to think that if a faculty member is arrested on campus, that should be enough to revoke tenure and end employment.

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Anonymous said...

The contract for many professional jobs (lawyers, accountants, etc) as well as actors and pro sports players have some type of public conduct clause. I bet professors would quail at being held to those rules!
I've read that many of the schools allowing those protests are seeing a significant drop in applications and decisions this year.