Monday, April 08, 2024


 A commenter noted, in the post below:

A good reason to always carry your phone. Though some feel the tracking of smart phones is a double edged sword. Like having a three year old tagging along wherever you go.

Worrying about cell phone tracking is a valid point, depending on your need for privacy.  Cell phone tracking has been used fairly often to make criminal cases, or to find missing persons,  Most recently, cell phone data was used to put the lie to Fani Willis and her paramour in the Georgia case against Trump. 

I have heard it said that if the Russian KGB had access to the data that the cell phone companies routinely compile in this century, their job would have been much, much easier.  The collection of cell data is truly a double-edged sword.

Technology may the bane of the private citizen, but it can also hold the answer.    There is something called a Ferriday Pouch that blocks radio transmissions.  You can find them on Amazon, and we all know that our cell phone is nothing more than a compact radio transmitter. Shut down the ability to transmit, and the problem of tracking goes away.


Old NFO said...

A Faraday cage works a treat, or just wrapping your cell phone in aluminum foil will 'foil' most of the tracking. FYI, computer flooring in a building will also act asa Faraday cage, not only for phones, but also police radios!

Anonymous said...

Faraday pouch.

I've tried this one, and it works for cell phone:


Anonymous said...

fruitcake comes in a metal can with a press fit lid. $2.00 at yard