Thursday, April 11, 2024


 We made it in last night, eleven hours of windshield wipers.  Found the hotel and fell into bed.

Got up this morning and found a Waffle House. It was closer to noon than daylight when we walked into the restaurant.  Ate a hearty breakfast and went out to the range.  We dropped off some stuff and chatted with Rambunctious Red, who was there setting up.

We're back in the hotel now, enjoying our afternoon.  The Georgia State Championship starts tomorrow.

My bourbon of choice this weekend is Maker's Mark Cast Strength. Batch 23-01, 110 proof, it seems like very good whiskey.. 


Old NFO said...

Enjoy and shoot 'em good!

Anonymous said...

Hope the match is a great time for all.

Anonymous said...

Cask strength bourbon is always the best. Same for rye, scotch etc. Any of them, nicely aged and at least 100 proof. This 80 proof stuff is thin; more than half the bottle is water.


Xoph said...

Used to live in Canton, you might try Reformation Brewery. Not far from Exit 20 which is where I assume you are close to.