Saturday, March 02, 2024


 I was a cop for 37 years.  I spent a lot of time in a courtroom. I have testified in hundreds of felony cases and several civil cases.  I never lied to the court, in any regard.  Not the smallest white lie.  It was too important that my testimony be absolutely verifiable truth. Not only for the wider moral principle, but because if I was ever caught in a lie, it would damage every case prior that I had testified in. 

During my testimony, there were times when I had to admit that I bade a mistake; that I botched it. We are all human and we all make mistakes.  Yet, it is important to make those admissions to protect the veracity of prior testimony.  Because, if you are ever unveiled as a liar, everything that you testified to prior can be called into question.

I'm sure that you all have been following the debacle that is unfolding in Georgia, where the prosecutor Fani Willis may have perjured herself during a recent hearing about her relationship with her paramour. It may seem a little thing to worry about when an affair began, but the answer hinges on veracity.  If the Court rules that she lied about this, then every case that her office has prosecuted becomes rife for appeal.  She may be disqualified from this case, she may be disbarred.

The Ninth Commandment, handed down from God, says that we should not bear false witness.  It is a sin against God.  Fani Willis may soon learn the reason that truth is very important.


Bradley said...

Watched most of this case live, or at least this part of the case, or on delay on youtube from place like the Good Lawgic channel. My big take away is that both Willis and Wade lied on the stand, and in fillings before both this court in this case and other courts in Georgia. I dont see a safe way out for them on this.

But they might have brought enough 'cash cant be traced' payments in to the mud that there is not enough proof of their bad acts.

W. Fleetwood said...

She is an Obese Black Female Democrat. Telling the truth under oath in a court of law is entirely optional for her, she will not suffer any harm for her perjury.

Anonymous said...

She MUS be disbarred if the judicial system is to retain a shred of legitimacy.

I don't believe the 'other side' understands the level things are at here... They think they're going to push and push and push, and... they'll slow down a little when they get some pushback.

When the switch flips, you won't put the toothpaste back in the tube. That's where things are at. The articles deriding the rubes in fly-over country tell you volumes. They just see this situation as another way for them to pressure us. They don't get this means there is no longer a jury box, leaving us the one choice for representation.
They really don't see the connection between their actions and the reaction.

Termite said...

Criminal defense attorneys absolutely LOVE to prove a LEO is lying on the stand, for all the reasons you mentioned.

KurtP said...

Fleetwood has it bang balls on.
Nothing's going to happen to her- or him, or anyone involved.

...unless they're white.

Anonymous said...

Mega upvote

Old NFO said...

She'll be subject to Brady Rule now... LOL