Friday, December 08, 2023

Hunter Indicted

Everyone is reporting that President Joe Biden's son has been indicted in  California on tax charges.

Nine charges, seventeen years. Wouldn't that suck?

Of course, Joe's Justice Dept has let the statures of limitations expire on Hunter's most lucrative years.

Lots of Democrats' poo-poo Trumps chances, saying that no self-respecting individual would ever vote for a felon. As this latest tax evasion case becomes more clear, we might learn that ol' Joe has also been playing fast-and-loose with the tax code. Next years voters may get to choose between two felons on the national ballot.  Wouldn't that be interesting?


Anonymous said...

Unless they keep Trump off the ballot.
This week I got a notification from the county about our primary in February - he wasn't on the list of candidates.

Anonymous said...

It will be a miracle if he’s convicted and a bigger miracle if he gets any prison time if so. This is all a smoke show to run down the clock and to take the focus off FJB. And then the Mooch will be “elected “ so we can get Obama.4 and .5.