Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Gunboat Diplomacy.

 It seems that there is a place in the South China Sea, a small reef that only has elevation at low tide, a place called Second Thomas Shoal, that is claimed by the Philippines, who has run a retired US Navy ship aground  and stationed a small contingent on board to bolster their claim. 

China also claims this spot, and has been harassing supply runs to the Philipine contingent.  The US Navy recently paid a visit to their brethren on the reef, I'm sure to swap supplies, tell sea stories, and play cribbage.

China took offense, saying that the US Navy has illegally intruded into its territorial water. Yeah, right.


Paul said...

How do you feel about partnering with an ammo sponsor?


Old NFO said...

Oh yeah, that's been a 'bone' in the throat of the CCP for a while! And that is duty that truly sucks sitting on that hulk.

KurtP said...

Do people even play Cribbage anymore?