Sunday, December 10, 2023


 Boudin (boo-dan) is a Cajun-French sausage made primarily of pork and rice.  It's heavily spiced, with recipes that are closely guarded.  It's made everywhere in Louisiana that processes meat and is sold either raw or cooked, although the ingredients are cooked before they are stuffed into the casing.

Every place that makes boudin has their own recipe, and aficionados' in one region can taste boudin made locally and tell you which shop it comes from.  There is much arguing and discussion about which shop makes the best boudin.  Yesterday we had a gathering of Belle's siblings, and her sister brought some boudin from the Denham Springs area.

This morning I found the leftovers, put it on a cookie sheet and slid it under the broiler to crisp the casing.  Cut into bite-sized bits, it became a perfect breakfast.

This boudin came from a place called Jerry Lee's in Denham Springs. It's pretty damned good boudin.  I see that they have a website.  How about that?


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Thorhees21 said...

We love The Best Stop in Scott, LA.

Bob said...

Jerry Lees is well known here in the Baton Rouge area for boudin.Bob in B.R.

Glypto Dropem said...

I know, I know, I'm a Yankee far away from the food goodness that is from the deep South. That said, other than taking a trip down to visit or shipping some up here, there are a couple of local alternatives in Kommiecticut. Bogner's ( ) occasionally makes a super product they call "Louisiana Hot Sausage" and its what I use for my shrimp boil. It is listed on their website as "Gourmet Specialty Sausage" made by request only and when they have enough demand to make a batch. I have some in my freezer from last summer when I planned to have a shrimp boil but never did, so I'll have to come up with something good to make with it. The other place that has a great hot sausage is The Country Butcher ( )

Anonymous said...

Heard about this at a party once. You can order it online but the shipping cost is $$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Any difference between boudin and boudain? I see both online.


Anonymous said...

Neat story behind why Le Boudin is the official song of the French Foreign Legion.

In all my life I’ve never sung about sausages. Must be some good eating stuff!