Friday, December 16, 2016

The Final Push

It's the final push toward the Presidential election.  You thought that was over?  No, silly person, it doesn't happen until Monday.  That's when the Electoral College meets, in capitols all across the US to vote for the president.  The left is in its final throes of agony, trying to get the electors to not elect Donald Trump.  Fat chance of that.

Just a few minutes ago, I spoke with a gentleman, passing through the office who said that he wouldn't be in town on Monday, he had to go to Baton Rouge for the electoral college.  I asked if he were an elector, and he said No, he is an alternate and a witness.  We talked for a few minutes about the history of the College, and how it is often simply a formality, but in this election has been thrust to the forefront of the American political consciousness.

This fellow was telling me about one elector, a sweet, gentle woman from a neighboring town, who has had to shut down her email for the time being.  She awoke one morning to find over 40,000 emails.  I see reports from other states as well, that electors are being hounded to change their votes.

This effort is doomed to fail, but it is an interesting exercise in high-school civics.  Monday, it'll all be over and the left can get on with its next temper tantrum.  Like petulant spoiled children, the temper tantrum is all that is left to them.

But, they now understand how the American system elects a president.  And, I've been assured by a person who will be there, that all eight of Louisiana's votes will go to Donald Trump.  Louisiana's eight votes matter.


Murphy's Law said...

Still smiling from the center of Louisiana's Blue section. So tempted to wear a Trump hat to the Marigny bars but that'll likely be called "inciting" or "asking for it".

Retired Spook said...

Actually, I have mixed emotions about the electoral college vote. On the one hand, I'd really like to see it done correctly, but on the other hand, it would be a good time to show the "elite" that they are not, in fact, the ones who run the country. If enough electors throw their votes to Whatshername and try to foist her off on the people who emphatically voted against her, it's apt to get a little rambunctious hereabouts.

The lefties don't seem to remember who's been buying all the guns and ammo for the last eight years. Sure as hell wasn't them, was it?

I'm a big fan of the Constitution, and, last time I checked, my oath to uphold and defend same did not have an expiration date. Did yours?