Friday, December 02, 2016

Little Kim Wants to Talk?

Hot Air is reporting that the North Korean dictator wants to talk, to make a peace deal with the US.  What does he want in exchange?  A nuclear deal.  Yeah, really.
North Korea wants resources – specifically food – from suppliers other than China. That need leads them to make promises to other countries which they have no intention of keeping. As soon as they get what they want they move on to flip the bird at the rest of the world. I certainly hope that Donald Trump is smart enough not to fall for this bait and switch routine yet again. If Kim wants to cut a deal he should be the one putting one heck of a lot on the table (including all of his nuclear material on a ship heading for China) before he gets a single pound of additional rice.
It's fair to say that we've been in an adversarial relationship with the NorK leadership since the early 1950s, and any deal that lets Little Kim stay in power is a no-go.  It I were Donald Trump, I'd be crystal clear.  As soon as there is a change of leadership that shows little Kim swinging from a light pole in downtown Pyongyang, broadcast live on Fox News, we'd be happy to strike a deal with whatever successor wins free and open national elections.

Until then, little Kim can go piss up a rope.  Personally, I love the Korean people.  The ones I associated with while I was in the Army are marvelous folks.  But, little Kim needs to go.  Better by the hands of his own people.  A long drop to the end of a short rope would send a message that North Korea is willing to join the community of nations.

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