Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Merry Christmas

Last April, I did a posting for Widener's Reloading and Shooting Supply.  They sent me some stuff, and I reviewed it for them.  We enjoyed it, and the post I did for them is here.

I had pretty much forgotten about it, until yesterday when the mail clerk at work called me to the mail room.  I had a package.  So, I went to tbe mail room, and it was from Widener's.  I admit I was a bit confused, I handn't ordered anything.  So, I took the package out to the car and opened it.

There's an ammo can in the box.  Whoopee!  I like ammo cans.

And, the ammo can has something in it.  Merry Christmas to me!  I like ammo cans with stuff in them.  So, I opened the ammo can.

Left to right: A bag to put soap in.A bar of bath soap, a tube of lip balm, some hand cream and another bar of soap, this one has pumice.

But then I looked more closely at the bath soap.  Big Ass Beer Soap??

I laughed aloud.  Big Ass Beer Soap?  Are they trying to tell me something??  That's funny stuff, right there, I don't care who you are.

I appreciate it, Widener's.  The folks at the office got a laugh, and we needed it.  And, I'll use the soap.  And, yes, I'll use the ammo can.

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