Sunday, December 18, 2016

Good Work

We went to Baton Rouge today to see my son, deliver some Christmas presents, and hang out for  several hours.  It was a turn-around trip, we left here this morning and got back home about dark.

We did get to see a project that is nearly complete, a competition rig that he's making for his sister.  The belt is a straight CFDA rig, and the holster is modeled on a CFDA standard, the Mernickle CFDA1.

He told us that it's not complete yet, but he gave us a preview.  Very nice leather, border stamped, with the proper cant.  He's getting very good at making these holsters.  His sister requested her CFDA alias on the belt and he stamped it, then highlighted it with teal paint.

His sister won't see it for several weeks, and the photo doesn't do justice to the quality of the work.  It's very nice, very nice indeed, and I feel that she'll get good service out of it.

His craft is improving by leaps and bounds.  Again, the picture doesn't do justice to it, but the quality of his work is improving by quantum leaps.  That is a very nice rig, worth a lot more than his sister is paying for it.


Old NFO said...

That is a nice rig! :-) Glad you got some time with the boy too!

The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

Thanks, pop. I'll get better pics and post them in a few days.