Saturday, December 03, 2016

Thannks, Jill

Several people have pointed this out, but perhaps the most influential person in this election cycle is the lady who got the very least votes.  Jill Stein.  She may have pulled enough votes to elect Trump.
Trump's margin/Jill Stein's tally in the three decisive states, latest count:
MI: 10,704/51,463
PA: 46,765/ 49,678
WI: 22,177/31,006
— Alec MacGillis (@AlecMacGillis) December 1, 2016
Following that analysis, if Stein hadn't run, she may not have pulled votes away from Hillary, and in those three very important states, Stein's vote tally is more than Trump's margin over Hillary.  It may be that Stein's voters would not have voted for Hillary anyway, or it might have been that they would have stayed home, but the numbers are there, plain and simple.

Jill Stein may have been the most influential person in this year's presidential cycle.

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Joe Mama said...

You can also make the case that the Koch brothers elected Trump when they threw their support to Hillary.

After years of pilloring The Brothers Koch as the most iconic symbols of labor repressing businessmen, Hillary accepted their support with open arms. After the previous administration bragging about destroying the coal industry (and the UMW as collateral damages), the heavily unionized states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania walked away from Hillary.