Sunday, January 17, 2016

Town Folk Alley

In shooting of any kind, it is our responsibility to grow the sport.  Many of us learned to shot from our family.  Fathers, uncles or aunts taught us to to shoot.  Many of us learned our gun-handling skills at family functions.  Informal practice in the back pasture or a community shooting range, we learned how to fire a gun.  For all of us, there is a first time.  Some of us might not remember our first time, because we've been shooting all our lives, and we tend to forget that there are people who have never fired a gun.

In the Cowboy Fast Draw Association, it's not uncommon to be at a club shoot and have someone show up who wants to see what we're all about.  Some of these folks have never fired a gun.  It's our responsibility, our joy and pleasure to introduce these folks to the shooting sport. Safety, of course is our by-word, so we take just a little time to make sure that the neophyte is properly instructed, that the holster is properly fitted, and we conduct a little dry-fire to get them accustomed to operating the equipment.

In a more formal setting, we conduct what is called a Town Folk Alley.  Many clubs have small, portable ranges, often mounted on a trailer.  We shoot wax bullets and have suitable backstop material on hand, so we can set up almost anywhere to introduce people to our game.  Safety, safety, safety is our byword, so we assign that person a coach, fit a holster, conduct a safety briefing,

The Big Thicket Bushwackers out of Silsbee TX, conducted a Town Folk Alley yesterday in Lumberton TX. One of the people to come try the sport was a young lady who had never fired a gun.  The Bushwackers did all the right things, safety, safety, safety.  But, watching her, it brought me back to the many folks I've introduced to shooting.  The Bushwackers did it right, but you'll never know what reaction you'll get when the first shot is fired.  In this case, pure unadulterated joy.  It's a ten-second clip, so let's watch.


From all accounts, after the first shot, the young lady was thrilled and ready to take the next step.  That's the way we grow shooters, one person at a time.  Well Done, Bushwackers!  Well done indeed!

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Old NFO said...

Yep, they did good! And it's always one person at a time... Teach them safety and the right way, and it's a win for everybody!