Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday Practice

Practice Day at Thorn Valley.

Zachary was hot today, running in the 6s.  His best series was a 0.646, 0.616, 0.600, and a final 0.575.  He was hot as a two-dollar pistol.

Son-in-law took some slow-mo video of him on the line.  Good form, good speed, and if he cankeep this up, he'll be a contender at Texas State in April.

Short, slow-motion video.  He's the kid nearest the camera.

That's how you run a single-action revolver.


Old NFO said...

The only thing that would worry me is that left hand being out ahead of the muzzle... That's a nitpick, I know.

pans review said...

Thank you, it was helpful here as well.