Monday, December 14, 2015

Ruger Vaquero - III

I got an email from Dennis Miller of Turnbull Manufacturing this morning concerning the Mancum Ruger, and this is what he had to tell me.
This Ruger was here in September of 2010. We fit fancy walnut grips to it, engraved the back strap, polished, prepped, color cased the frame and charcoal blued the rest of the parts. No other information is available about the engraving . We do stamp our Turning Bull logo on some firearms if the customer requests it.
So, that answers some questions, but others remain.  We know several things now that we didn't know last week.

1)This Ruger was born in 1993,probably one of the first ones shipped from the factory, as indicated by its very low serial number.
2) In September of 2010 it made its way to Turnbull Manufacturing Co, where it was engraved, prepped, color-case hardening applied to the frame and the rest of the revolver was charcoal blued.  Mr. Miller tells us that fancy walnut grips were fitted, but the grips now on the revolver are standard Ruger grips.

Several mysteries remain, and might always be mysterious about this revolver.  That's fine.  It's home now and is no longer under glass in a pawn shop.  It will be used.  I am very glad that Mr. Mancum had the Turning Bull logo stamped on the receiver.

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