Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday Blahs

I had to run by the Courthouse today.  Yeah, yeah, I know that the Sheriff's office is there, but I don't normally hang out up there.  I'll go there on business maybe three times a year, and that's enough.  Parking is horrible and people are busy.

Ran some errands and had an hour to drop by and see an old friend that I don't see nearly enough.  We hung out in his shop and visited between jobs.  When I drove up, he was finishing one job, and the other wasn't scheduled for an hour, so we just hung out and caught up.  Good times.

Got home and realized that I hadn't picked up my prescription meds, so had to turn around and go back to the pharmacy.

In short, I have basically just pissed this day away.  Good work, if you can get it.  I got home and found this in my inbox.

Somebody raised that girl right.


Old NFO said...

Ah yes... Catching up with friends is always a good time! And that poster IS a good one! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great poster, can I copy it.