Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday Morning Dawg

With the extended celebration this week, PawPaw's internal calendar is all screwed up, and it wasn't until I looked at the calendar that I realized today is Sunday.  PawPaw slept-in this morning, to nearly 6:30 and awoke to find Milady cooking.  We're hosting her side of the family today for lunch and the menu is Taco Soup.   The recipe is under the link. It's a dump soup with lots of cans of beans, corn, all manner of goodness.

She made a double batch because we're expecting a dozen folks.  After it was assembled, she transferred it into two large crock-pots, where it will simmer the rest of the morning.  So, we're hanging out in our slippers, waiting for Milady's siblings to arrive.

The dog, of course, is being layabout.  There's not much going on, so there is no reason for the dog to get busy.

We're hoping that the rain holds off till late this afternoon.  Milady wants to strap up her brothers and do a little wax shooting in the backyard.  The guns are cleaned, the ammo is loaded, and if the weather cooperates we'll set up the range after lunch.  She wants to introduce her family to Fast Draw shooting.  With luck, we'll generate some interest.

PawPaw probably won't strap if we're able to shoot.  I'll be fitting holsters, giving safety briefings, and running the line.  And taking pictures.  Lots of pictures.

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Old NFO said...

Hope it went well over your way. We got rain, wind, sleet and a little snow today.