Thursday, December 31, 2015

It's Been Fun

No, I"m not going anywhere, but 2015 is going away today.  The last day of the year, a time to pause and reflect on the year departed.  It's been fun.

No, really, it has!  Lots going on in PawPaw's family and life this year.  Most of it joyous.  All considered, it's really been a good year.

The big news this year?  PawPaw and Milady took up Cowboy Fast Draw shooting.  In my opinion, the best shooting sport currently practiced anywhere in the country.  It's fast, it's friendly, it's fun.  Milady and I are already making plans for the shooting events we'll attend this year, and it looks like we'll make at least two big ones.

The children and grandchildren are safe, happy, sheltered and fed.  That ain't bad in the overall scheme of things.  There is a lot of joy in seeing your offspring happy and productive.  Good times for everyone.

My resolutions this year?  I resolve to make none.  It never does any good anyway.

So, Happy New Year, y'all.  Milady and I will be eating supper at Brother Bill's house this evening.  He wants to try a new recipe, and we're his guinea-pigs.  I suspect that we'll survive.  He's a pretty good cook.

But, if I've hurt anyone's feelings this year, keep this thought in mind.

Gotta Run.  See y'all around.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

North Texan said...

Happy New Year!!