Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Game Camera

I'm a fan of game cameras, and love watching the wildlife that appears in the unblinking eye of the camera.  However, a game cam has other uses as well.  Like catching a thief.

Recently Milady noticed that we were going through a lot of cat food after dark, and asked me to set up the game cam to watch the food bowls.  Easy-peasy, I set it on a convenient lawn chair, and turned it on as we went inside for the evening.  Fifty three pictures later, I've got some idea where that cat food is going.

That's our inquisitive kitten, wondering what I've left in the chair.  Several close shots of the kitten, Smokey, investigating the camera.

 Our other cat, Sparkle, getting a snack.  No problem with this cat, either.  That's her food bowl, so she's right where she should be.

Aah, Haa!  The thief.  I've seen this big cat before, but only at a distance.  The question is whether he's a pet who is let out at night, or if he's feral.    Either way, he's found a convenient chow spot for a midnight meal, and I"ll have to make plans to deal with him.


Sport Pilot said...

I'd expected the culprit to be an armadillo or possum. A few years back we had a momma raccoon teaching her litter how to push in the flap on a dog feeder and chow down. Judicious use of a .22LR resolved that problem and taught the remainder to seek handouts elsewhere.

Old NFO said...

+1 on SP... I'm surprised a cat would be out at night in that area.