Thursday, June 12, 2014

None of the Above

It seems that the voters in Nevada have chosen "None Of The Above" as the winner in a Democratic primary.
Eight candidates were vying for the Democratic nomination for Nevada governor, but the winner wasn’t even on the ballot. With over 20,000 votes, 30% of all cast, “none of the above” was the clear winner in Tuesday’s primary.
That was 3,600 votes more than the “winner” – former State Economic Development Commissioner Robert Goodman, Fox News reports. Ouch. That’s gotta hurt.
Nevada allows its voters to select “none of the above” in elections for President and statewide office. The last time “none of the above” received the most votes was 1976, in a Republican primary for U.S. Congress.
The hell you say?  That sounds like a wonderful endorsement by the voters.  Of course, the second-place winner will be on the ballot, but it ought to be really easy to beat someone who has already been beaten by None Of The Above.

I'd like to propose a similar allowance for the Gret Stet of Louisiana.  Let's put None Of The Above on our ballot, but with the caveat that if None wins, the other candidates on the ballot are forbidden from seeking any elective office for 20 years.

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