Friday, June 06, 2014


Since I got the smoker, I spent a morning dialing it in, and have cooked on it just exactly one time with pretty fair results..  Last week, I asked Milady her opinion on my next cooking project, and she said "Ribs!".

So, I started researching rib-rub recipes, and after diligent research I came upon several that mimic'd each other and found some common attributes.  Then, I went digging in the spice rack to see what spices we actually used.  Here's what I came up with.

You can click to enlarge, and no, I'm not going to write it down for you.  Those are spices I had in my rack, and while I admit I'm not a rib expert, I certainly found a common thread in rib recipes.

Then, I called my hog-stealing brother-in-law (it's an old joke) ad asked if he'd like to be the guinea pig on my first rib episode in the smoker.  He said that he and his lady would happily attend.  So, I hied myself down to the butchers to find some suitable ribs, and came home with two racks.  This morning I salted them let the salt sink in for an hour, then gave them a good rub with my rub recipe.

In another hour I"ll fire off the smoker.  By 6:00 we should know if my rib-rub is ay good, and if the smoker will actually cook ribs.  Wish me luck.


Old NFO said...

Somehow I think there won't be any leftovers... :-)

Matt said...

Very similar to the rub I use. Let me know how they turn out!